Pinewood Derby Snack Cars for Cub Scouts


I’m a scout mom. My son is a Life Scout, working on his now an Eagle Scout and an Army soldier (yes, I’m proud of him!) My husband and I volunteer as leaders. Both our son and two daughters have been involved in Boy Scouts and Venturing (which is co-ed), and two of them worked at the Scout Camp for a couple of summers. Scouting… it’s a family affair in our household! I also have lots of great Scout mom and dad and volunteer friends, and they are some of the best people I’ve ever known. They give unselfishly of their time, their experience, and their money. They also give unselfishly of their creativity.

This post is so I can share a creative snack my awesome friend Tamara whipped up this weekend for her son’s Pinewood Derby. If you don’t know what the Pinewood Derby is, you’ve missed out. Cub Scouts (those boys under 11 yrs old) get a block of wood and have to shape it into a car, add wheels, decorate it, and then race it against their fellow Cub Scouts. It’s often a family affair, and some groups let siblings make and race cars as well. They get ribbons, trophies, and they develop skills along the way. (Scouting is FUN with a PURPOSE!!)

So without further ramblings by me, here are Tamara’s Pinewood Derby Snack Cars. Wonderfully creative for the theme, yet fairly simple to make. They’ll be a hit at your son’s next Pinewood Derby event*.

I bet they’d also be a hit at your husband’s next NASCAR party in his Man-Cave. I mean, really, what guy is going to turn these down? They might go all Neanderthal and beat their chests and act all manly to impress us, but they’re really just little boys at heart. Just like those Cub Scouts, they’ll make these things disappear faster than a pit crew can change the tires.


  • One or more boxes of Swiss Cake Rolls, Twinkies, and/or Fudge Graham Sticks
  • One or more bags of mini-Oreos, mini-NutterButters, and/or other mini-sandwich cookie
  • One or more bags/boxes of Teddy Grahams or Angry Bird cookies. (These are your drivers)
  • Frosting (it’s the glue to hold the wheels on, or use a dollop to prop up the Angry Birds faces)

(Carla’s observation: Nice thing about these ingredients… leftovers won’t go to waste!)




Twinkies with mini-oreos and Angry Bird Grahams




Fudge graham sticks with vanilla cookies and Angry Bird Graham


Swiss Cake Roll with vanilla cookies and Teddy Graham driver

* If you have a son who is aged 6-18 and is interested in Scouting, go to and find a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, or Venture Crew near you!

* If you have a son or daughter aged 14-21 who is interested in high-adventure activities and leadership development, go to and find a Venture Crew near you!


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